Introducing trivago Direct Connect open beta for hoteliers

Introducing trivago Direct Connect open beta for hoteliers

A powerful solution for driving direct bookings

Direct Connect enables hoteliers to easily promote their website rates on trivago and increase their direct bookings. The campaign management tool allows hoteliers to run cost-per-click campaigns and monitor their performance through trivago Hotel Manager.

WebHotelier partners with trivago to offer Direct Connect open beta access to all our customers

WebHotelier is now a trivago connectivity partner. You can launch your first Direct Connect campaign by following these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Hotel Manager account and select Direct Connect. trivago should automatically detect WebHotelier as your IBE connectivity partner. Press Start Now to begin.

Step 2. You decide how much you want to invest and can change your budget at any time. After you select a budget, the CPC is automatically adjusted.

Step 3. Let trivago know where to send your monthly invoice. No advanced payment is necessary. You are ready to launch your campaign!

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WebHotelier not automatically detected as your connectivity partner?

Apply to Direct Connect beta if WebHotelier is not automatically detected as your existing IBE.

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Budget management
Providing full financial control

We’re giving the power back to hoteliers by offering full control over the marketing budget. They will enjoy complete budget adjustment functionality as well as capping control. Additionally, trivago provides consultation about how to best put their monthly budget to use to see powerful results.


  • Complete control over budget
  • No risk of overspending
  • Step-by-step consultancy
  • Maximized performance and ROI

Direct Connect Campaign

Automatic CPC optimization
Taking the complexity out of CPC campaigns

trivago's solution provides automatic CPC optimization to keep the hotel competitive. Hotels only need to provide their budget, and the CPC will be automatically set, based on the existing competitive environment.


  • Auto-optimized CPC
  • Easy to understand
  • Reduced risk of possible user errors
  • Hoteliers remain competitive
  • Saved time, reduced complexity

Performance forecasting
Meeting expectations

In a continuously changing environment, hoteliers need an idea of what lies ahead. trivago fulfills this need by providing them a 30-day forecast, based on the following:

  • Estimated clicks
  • Estimated bookings
  • Estimated cost-per-booking


  • Improved ROI
  • Decision-making support during campaign optimization
  • Clear expectations for the user

Direct Connect Dashboard

Performance metrics
Easily track and optimize your campaign

Direct Connect offers detailed analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so hoteliers can measure the success of their campaign at a glance. They can monitor:

  • Bookings
  • Average position
  • CPC
  • Much more


  • Complete overview of the campaign performance
  • Quick and detailed insights
  • Progress monitored over time