One-click Online Payments management by WebHotelier’s new tool, Payment Assistant Manager (PAM)

WebHotelier announces one of its most up-to-date tools that is expected to change the way that online hotel booking payments are completed, increase the transactions’ security, and significantly reduce the duration of the whole procedure. The new PAM system, that has been developed in collaboration with primalRES Channel Manager, allows the Hotel staff to complete all payments in one click, relieving the hotelier from the complex and risky procedure of printing and manually typing the guests’ credit card details in the hotel’s POS.

PAM has already been applied to several hotels with spectacular results. Now, for the first time, PAM is officially launched in Greece, aiming to solve important hotel operational issues and increase the hoteliers’ quality of work. After all, WebHotelier is already an important part of many hoteliers’ daily routine, and is a company that constantly works for modernizing the hotel daily tasks at all levels.

The activation of PAM is a very simple procedure for a hotel, and it can be applied to any kind of accommodation, regardless of its size or location. Its use is also very simple and easy, as it is perfectly integrated within the WebHotelier’s extranet. All you have to do in order to activate PAM for your hotel is to give us a call at +30 210 8981910 or send us an email to For additional information, you can also read the official article in WebHotelier’s blog.